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Jul 21, 2014 | | Sticky post

A picture is worth a thousand words.   A few screenshots  of the administrator UI and the SQLExS SQL data.


A code sample is worth two thousand words.  🙂 Create an MS Exchange Appointment on the calendar of user Alice:

DECLARE @ObjectReferenceID int, @nFolderID int
Set @nFolderID = fGetDefaultFolder(‘ALICE’,’IPM.Appointment’)

exec sp_Appointment_Save
@p_nFolderSubscriptionIdent    = @nFolderID ,
@p_sSubject                    = ‘meet Bob’,
@p_nObjectReferenceId          = @ObjectReferenceID OUTPUT

-– Minimum appointment (scheduled now)

Technology behind SQLExS

  • Based on standardized state of the art technology
  • Runs as native Windows Service on any Windows
  • Based on Exchange Managed Web API
  • Based on SQL Server
  • Based on C# .NET


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